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Truth With Speedzzter (and a legion of more influential pundits) previously suggested that the Detroit 3 CEOs should have lead a "Washington Dream Cruise" convoy new products together with a few thousand of soon-to-be-unemployed workers to the Senate "bailout" committee "turkey shoot" this week.

Detroit 3 supplier Dura Automotive was among the first to adopt the idea.

Dura President and CEO Tim Leuliette said that during the weekend they contacted the automakers, suppliers, dealership groups and the United Auto Workers and the movement began building.

“The proper people are talking to the proper people, and things are getting put together,” said Leuliette. “This really picked up momentum over the weekend.”

But initial report suggested that none of the Detroit 3 CEOs would participate. That false move could dampen the impact of the event.

Then Dura wimped out for "logistical reasons."

Now reports are that Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally will drive a new electric hybrid Ford in the "Drive on Washington."

And why shouldn't he? Nothing would show a skeptical Congress the future potential of Ford and the Detroit 3 better than a demonstration of near-horizon products. As the legendary Charles Lindbergh once pointed out, the way to convince bankers of the value and potential of aviation wasn't to meet with them in their offices, but instead to show them the aircraft out on the airfield.

Mulally's participation, if true, should ramp up the pressure on the other Detroit 3 CEOs to join the "Drive on Washington."

Let's all hope that Dura, Ford and the UAW do this thing right and build a massive convoy. They probably won't. But we could hope.

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