Monday, August 07, 2006


Automotive News reported 07 Aug 06 that "sources" revealed Ford Motor Company (tm) advised dealers last week in Las Vegas that the retail version of the 325-h.p. Shelby GT-H will arrive for 2007 and is named "Shelby GT."

No word on volume other than "a few thousand." (Read: not enough that you'll likely find one selling at MSRP)

Pricing also remains a secret.

Mark Fields is expected to comment more during his scheduled speech before an industry conference in Traverse City, Michigan, in a couple of days.

Speedzzter can hardly wait (yawn) . . . .

The Shelby GT is apparently another Bullitt-style exercise. It will add minimal performance to the portly Mustang GT, at a likely substantial price premium.

It probably won't significantly address the huge gulf between the 500 h.p. Shelby GT-500 and the barely adequate 300 h.p. Mustang GT. In other words, it will get its quartz clock cleaned by any number of "tuner" imports and old school V8, not to mention Ol' Shel's own 350-h.p. CS6 Mustangs.

It probably won't give Saleen, Steeda and Roush any sleepless nights. Or DCX or GM, for that matter.

It probably won't worry any 400-h.p. C6 Corvette or "390-h.p." "Terminator" SVT Cobra owners -- who will all blow past too quickly to probably even bother to notice all the extra "Le Mans" stripes, spoilers and badges on the "Shelby GT."

It probably won't provide Mustangers with a more reliable foundation for aftermarket power-adders, because it probably will feature the same weak cracked-cap rods, cast crank and glass-jawed hypereutectic pistons standard in the ordinary cost-cutter 3v 4.6. (Ford seems as clueless as Honda about how a significant number of customers actually use their cars)

It probably won't bring better breathing DOHC 4v heads or a Shaker hood, as did the last Mach 1.

It probably won't include vital efficiency technologies such as cylinder deactivation, six speed transmissions, direct injection, variable runner intake manifolding, turbocharging or V-TEC-style variable lift and duration.
It probably won't run a bit better on high-performance E-85 than it does on unleaded swill.
In other words, it's probably not going to be much for knowledgable Mustangers to become excited about.
But it WILL probably walk a 1983 Shelby Charger . . . .


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